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Staalmeester Mini Roller
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Staalmeester Mini Roller

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Looking for a smooth easy finish? We’ve got you covered!

The Staalmeester rollers are a dream to work with, they glide Fusion™ Mineral paint on leaving a super smooth even finish, hassle free refinishing! Easy to wash and reuse, buy one roller frame and a pack of rollers and you’re ready to go. Simply top up your rollers anytime you need them.

The universal roller frame is for the Staalmeester® rollers. This frame is suited for use with the Staalmeester® Miniroller (10cm) and Midiroller (12cm). The ergonomic grip adds comfort while painting.

The 10cm roller has a 5 mm yarn, and a 6 mm core. The rollers are suitable for all furniture paints and varnishes and give a smooth & fast paint application and a superior finish.

The roller frame is sold separately from the rollers. The rollers come in a 2 pack and a 10 pack.