How To Build a Furniture Painting Business Course
Why This Furniture Painter’s Business Course Is Right For You
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Not Too Shabby By Charlotte Furniture Painting School Business Course
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How To Build A Furniture Painting Business - 12 Month All In One Course
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Furniture Painter’s Business Course

How To Build A Furniture Painting Business - 12 Month All In One Course

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Enrolment for this course is currently closed as I am on maternity leave and will be reopening again at some point next year when I can give new members my full attention and ensure that you and your business thrives!

The first group of members have completed their year of training and are doing amazing. 
They have bonded so well in our Course Facebook Group and are continuing to share and support each.

Click here to register your interest so I can inform you when enrolment opens again

How To Build A Furniture Painting Business Course

Firstly what will this 12 month program give you?

In order to have a successful furniture painting business you need more than just tips and tricks, you need structure and commitment too. This 12 month program gives you just that, in addition to mindset and business coaching specifically focussed towards your furniture refinishing business. 

This course is designed to share all of my years of experience with you, to set you up for longevity and growth not just short term success.

 Why This Course Is For You

You might have discovered a love for painting recently or have already been painting for a while. However long you’ve been painting you’ve decided now is the time to get intentional about your future and make a living doing what you love. This is the time you decide that this is going to happen, this is a new beginning, it’s day one, it’s the start of your dreams becoming a reality. 

This course is designed to be delivered in a way that it’s going to make you feel confident about every decision and understand why you’re making those decisions. You’ll be empowered to build your business in a bespoke way that is true to you, and because it feels authentic you’re going to be happy and nothing will feel like a chore. It’s that sincerity and enthusiasm that is going to be infectious to your customers.  They’ll relate to you because they understand you, and you understand them. They’ll feel a connection with you because you have the same values, the same style, the same taste.
I’m honestly beyond excited about this because I’ve been designing this program for years and it’s going to be such a powerful experience for you.

How To Sign Up

First things first, you are amazing for taking this step and committing to your furniture painting business being profitable. This course is going to be rewarding and your business is going to be hugely successful and I’m so excited for you!

The next thing to do is to purchase the course right here, an email with all the information you need to join the Facebook Group and start meeting your fellow classmates will be sent over to you. The course will start 1st August and we’re going to hit the ground running! 

I can’t wait to get started! See you there!


Members Only Facebook Group

The course content is uploaded to a Facebook group where we follow it chapter by chapter as a group. This means you have a community of support and can share and discuss your experiences. It also means that the content is organised and stored there for you to go back to and revisit anytime you like. 
I’m going to help you feel empowered and in control and we’re going to banish that imposter syndrome together. I’m going to show you exactly how to address each task with confidence and motivation.
This is an all in one program with so many benefits and features!

10 Educational Chapters

A chapter will be released every 2 weeks, this means the learning is staggered to give you focus. It also means that all of the course information will be available in 5 months. Those of you who want the information fast can work through it at this pace, those of you that want to spread it out more over the year can.

Each chapter will be delivered in 4 ways, after all we each learn in a different way. Plus, reiteration of information really helps you to fully absorb it.

1) There'll be a document to download that you can read, annotate, file, use as a troubleshooting guide etc

2) I'll do a video talking through each document, explaining in more detail and giving examples of how I've used these techniques personally 

3) There'll be discussions in the Facebook group so we can brainstorm, share ideas and you can ask questions

4) There'll be a live interview with an industry expert discussing the topic

Chapter One - Starting Your Journey

Here’s where we really put some thought into what you want your business to look like, let’s start this right

Chapter Two - How To Set Up Your Business 

Let’s put down the foundations that are going to make your life easy, we'll talk tax, finances and all aspects of business set up

Chapter Three - Monthly Routines and Record Keeping

Great routines eliminate stress and give you time to be creative, in this chapter I share with you the organisational tools I’ve spent years perfecting

Chapter Four - Social Media

This can be daunting however it’s an invaluable marketing resource, in this chapter we come up with a custom strategy for you and put systems in place for managing your social media

Chapter Five - Deliveries and Aftercare

What is the right process for you? I detail out the options and make this process slick and easy for both you and your customers

Chapter Six - Photography 

This chapter is key, here’s where we go through in detail how to take beautiful, professional photos 

Chapter Seven - Sourcing, Selling Platforms and Income Streams

Its one thing enjoying painting furniture but you need to know how to sell it and actually make money, in this chapter we learn how

Chapter Eight - Costing and Quoting

I’m here to make this part easy, after this chapter costing will make complete sense and you’ll be aware and confident of your own worth 

Chapter Nine - Understanding Your Customer 

Happy customers equal a successful business, this chapter will teach you how to work seamlessly with your customers

Chapter Ten - Painting Techniques and Continued Learning 

We never stop learning, this chapter shows you how to continue your journey of business growth and creative discovery 

Monthly Motivation 

I sincerely believe after years in business that the defining factor that’s going to make your business a success or not is your mindset… if you decide to succeed, you will!

You can’t digest any of the practical information properly without the mindset coaching, so that’s job number one. When your head’s in the right place you can direct your energy in the right place and really achieve something wholeheartedly with confidence and passion.

Each of the 12 months we’ll have a Monthly Motivation where we look at a quote or discuss an issue and drive your business forward.
I’ll be your cheerleader, picking you up when you face challenges, together we’ve got this! 

Printable Resources

There are so many printable resources throughout the course, I show you how to use these to assess and track your progress and to grow your business.
These are a game changer!

I’m going to help get you through that first year and give you all the business tools and skills you need to make your dream a reality. At the end of your year you're going to look how far you’ve come, look back at what you’ve achieved and think wow!


In addition to the Facebook community, 10 practical training chapters, monthly motivation, monthly routines and printable resources, I’m also offering course members discounts!

That’s 20% off my workshops, one-to-ones and additional practical painting guides as they are released later in the year. I’ve got plans for so many amazing resources to help you!

I also offer a 10% discount on Fusion Mineral Paint to all professional painters. 

I am an Ambassador for Conscious Cubby, therefore members of this amazing selling community get this course at a reduced price of £245. You can get the discount code in the Conscious Cubby fb group or by contacting me. 

Who Am I?

I’m Charlotte of Not Too Shabby by Charlotte, I’m a professional furniture artist, I spend every day with a paintbrush in hand and I love it. I’m here to share my love of the industry with you and teach you how to make a living painting furniture too. As a Fusion Mineral Paint stockist I’ve built relationships with so many pro painters and it’s a joy mentoring them.
We’re going to achieve so much together and have so much fun in the process!
As someone who four years ago decided to give up a well paid but unfulfilling career to give painting furniture a try, I’m now uniquely positioned to share all my experience and knowledge with you. I now own my own church studio and am a Fusion Mineral Paint stockist and influencer. I am booked up with furniture and kitchen commissions and am delivering training and workshops to everyone from hobbyists to established painters. I tell you this so you know that it can be done, every problem you’ve faced I’ve been there and overcome. I’m going to show you how to do the same!
I honestly can’t wait to watch your business and your confidence grow! You’re going to be so happy and proud of yourself when you succeed!

Roll on 1st August!

Oh my days can we get started yet?

Book your place quick before the slots are filled and enrolment is closed.

See you there xxx