Visit Not Too Shabby by Charlotte

The Old Baptist Church Ilkeston
Our address is The Old Baptist Church, 170 Norman Street, Ilkeston, DE7 8NR 

When you come into the church you'll see that the main Chapel is our working studio. 
You will be able to see the commissions that we are currently painting, so each time you pop in there'll be something different to see. You'll see us using the products and techniques first hand, this isn't just a shop with a paint display in the corner! We know these products inside out! We stock these products because we use them every day and we love them! 
Furniture artist with paintbrush

The Old Baptist Church

We've put a lot a time and effort into renovating this beautiful building...
... here are a few before pics from when we moved in...
... sooo much character and potential! 

Inside balcony of Baptist Church
The Sanctuary at the Baptist Church
Cotmanhay Baptist Church pipe organ

Shop Fusion Mineral Paint 

The front of the Chapel is our dedicated Fusion Mineral Paint display, you can see the full range of products! There's also lots of painted furniture and samples to inspire your projects and show you the incredible effects that can be achieved with these amazing products. 

Fusion Mineral Paint Stockist Product Display

The Balcony

The Chapel has an amazing balcony that we've renovated, this is where we run our workshops.

Check out our workshop schedule if you fancy learning a new skill.

Would you like to hire the balcony to run a craft workshop of your own? 

 Meet My Neighbours 

I love to surround myself with positive, hard working and talented people. Here's the details of two wonderful businesses who rent rooms at the church and I am proud to say are my neighbours and friends. 

Reiki Journeys With Wendy 

This room used to be a mezzanine where the choir sat, now its occupied by Wendy who is a Reiki therapist. If paint is good for the soul, a Reiki treatment is definitely good for the body and mind. 
The Sanctuary Massage Room

The Church Hall and Refectory 

The tenants who currently occupy these two rooms are moving onto bigger premises.
This gives 1 or 2 new businesses the exciting opportunity to join the building!
These 2 rooms will be available from 1st January 2023, contact me if you'd like more details or to arrange a viewing. 


We look forward to your visit!