Milk Paint By Fusion

I'm so excited to share the new range of Milk Paint by Fusion with you! Milk Paint is a wonderfully creative medium that you can really express yourself with. The authentic vintage and boho paint finishes that can be achieved are truly stunning and achievable by both beginners and pro painters.
The Fusion team have curated a range of 25 contemporary shades and I'm in love with every one of them! You can even mix them to create your own custom shades.
Certified Milk Paint by Fusion Online Stockist


What is Milk Paint?

Milk Paint is one of the oldest paints and once you've used it you'll fall in love with its buttery smooth consistency and how much fun it is to use. Painting a piece of furniture with milk paint really is like creating a work of art.
  • It comes as a powder and you just add water to create the consistency you want... from thin for a wash to thick for texture, there's so much potential 
  • Our formula is safe for anyone to use, it has zero VOCs
  • What I love about this paint is its creativity,  from beginner to pro it allows you to express yourself and create any aesthetic you desire
  • It’s the fastest drying paint on the market, it cures in just 30 minutes
  • Our Milk Paint lasts forever, just mix the amount you want to use and save the rest for your next project.

How Do I Mix Milk Paint?

The team have created an impressive finely ground formula that is so easy to mix. My tip is to put the water into your beaker first and with just a quick stir the powder will dissolve fully... and you're ready to paint.

How Do I Prep Furniture For Milk Paint?

What Finish Does Milk Paint Give?

This is where it gets exciting! The basic mix to give solid coverage is mixing equal parts water and powder. However, there's so much more you can do.

The 4 most popular finishes are smooth, chippy, distressed and crackle.

The Fusion YouTube Channel has lots of 'how to' videos, including this one on how to distress layers of Milk Paint to create this Restoration Hardware look


Finishing Your Project

Milk Paint requires a topcoat to seal it and bring out the beautiful depth of colour. You can use our incredible Hemp Oil or beautiful waxes. You won't believe the gorgeous soft finish!
These can also be used to create a resist if you're looking for that luscious chippy look that milk paint is famous for.

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