General Finishes Enduro Sanding Sealer

General Finishes Enduro Pro Sanding Sealer

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Enduro Professional Sanding Sealer is designed as a basecoat for General Finishes topcoats, it is a waterbased product which creates a clear sandable layer. If you'd normally apply multiple layers of topcoat this is a great time saver, you can apply multiple coats in less time as it dries so fast. Each layer also has more grain filling properties, so you can acheive a smooth finish in less coats. Due to its lower price point, grain filling properties and quick dry time it is a very popular basecoat.

Advantages Of Using Sanding Sealer

  • Waterbased
  • Sandable finish
  • Sanding sealer is very popular if you don't want to see or feel the texture of the woodgrain through your topcoat, it builds the perfect base for high gloss topcoats and lacquers. Its larger resin polymer (thicker consistency) provides for fast build, acheiving grain fill in less coats for a super smooth finish to your paint or topcoat. 
  • Dries tack-free in 5-10 minutes in ideal conditions
  • Lower price point than High Performance Topcoat so saves you money when you plan to apply multiple layers 
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed

What Sanding Sealer Is Not Suitable For

  • It is not an adhesion or colour blocking primer, please use alternative products for these purposes
  • It is not a durable topcoat, apply chosen topcoat on top as your final coat

See our video - Sanding Sealer Product Overview