'Happiness is Homemade' Stencil - Not Too Shabby By Charlotte

'Happiness is Homemade' Stencil

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Are you struggling to find the perfect wall art to fit in with your room? You can paint your own! This is a fantastic way to experiment with new products and techniques to create something truly bespoke.

They look incredible with the following techniques...

  • Ombre and blending 
  • Decoupage 
  • Metallics 
  • Washes and stains 

The options are endless! 

You can read my blog posts, pm me on Facebook or give me a call and I'll be happy to give you tips and talk you through these techniques if you're new to them.

Our stencils are PRECISION LASER-CUT 190 MICRON MYLAR. A good way to describe its thickness is like really good quality paper. The thin-ness of the material allows for really good contact with the surface you are painting to avoid bleeding.

Our stencils are reusable and washable.

The stencil comes with 2 layers, so you can mix and match the outer border design with different sayings to create your own unique wall art.