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General Finishes Enduro Var II Waterbased Topcoat

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Enduro-Var II is a waterbased topcoat that has been oil modified to give you all the characteristics of an oil based product with all the convenience of a waterbased product. Also, this is a new improved reformulation and is made with more than 70% RENEWABLE RESOURCES formulated from sustainable materials that decrease the carbon footprint and is compatible with ALL GF products.

  • The new formula dries to a lighter amber than the previous formula
  • should not be used over whites and light colours due to its slight amber tone
  • Enduro-Var has a slight pink cast to the colour in the can, it will dry to a light amber colour.
  • is highly water-resistant
  • is both sprayable and brushable
  • Open time can be increased (slower dry time) by adding General Finishes Extender
  • Open time can be reduced (quicker dry time) by adding General Finishes Accelerator

See our video - Enduro Var II Product Overview

How To Apply General Finishes Enduro-VAR

Stir topcoat thoroughly to reincorporate solids that have settled to the bottom of the can before and throughout the application process.

Apply 3 coats. More coats will not improve durability.

Hand application: Apply a liberal amount of product using a synthetic bristle brush, foam brush, pad applicator, or roller along the wood grain with smooth, even strokes & light lap lines. Avoid pressure and back brushing. Lap lines will tighten down as they dry.

Spray application: Before spraying, strain topcoat through a fine-mesh filter. Spray wet films at 3-5-mil thickness. HVLP: 1.1mm-1.3mm spray tip, medium air cap. Verify tip sizes with your equipment supplier. See our general guide for spray tip sizes. Keep your gun at a 90° angle, 15-20cm from the surface. On large, flat areas, use wet, even patterns 15-20cm wide. For narrow surfaces, reduce the fan pattern to 5-8cm wide to reduce overspray. Overlap each pass 25% to conceal lines. Wear a full filter respirator (NIOSH/MSHA-approved) and work in a ventilated space. Visit the FAQ for more information on spraying techniques.

Finish sand between coats with a fine-grade (220-320) foam sanding pad to improve smoothness and adhesion.

Tinting & Toning Enduro-Var II

Enduro-Var II can be used as a toner by mixing by volume with 5- 10% General Finishes Dye Stain or to enhance colour tone. Apply 2 coats of the tinted topcoat for a deeper, more vibrant colour.

Dry Time Between Coats

Dry 2+ hours between coats in ideal conditions: 20°C/70°F; 50-70% humidity. You can tell if a water-based finish is dry if it forms a powder when lightly sanded with a fine-grade (220-320) foam sanding pad. If in doubt, wait longer. Inadequate dry time can trap moisture and cause clouding. Cooler temperatures, high humidity and sealed substrates may prolong dry time.

Cure Time Before Use

Water-based finishes cure and harden for full use after 21 days in ideal conditions. Avoid placing heavy objects on surfaces that have not cured completely. Treat gently, and do not clean with commercial products during the curing period.