Fusion Mineral Paint Transition
Fusion Mineral Paint Transition
How to use Fusion Transition to go from dark furniture to light paintwork

Fusion Mineral Paint Transition

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This product will save you time and money when painting a dark piece of furniture in a light colour. It's genius!

Transition is made up of recycled pigments, by doing this it's great for the environment and also has really great coverage...plus at a lower price than our paint its cost saving too.

It can take 4 coats of a light coloured paint to cover a dark oak or mahogany piece of furniture. This is normal with such pale colours, but we can make the process quicker and cheaper for you!

Instead of painting 4 coats of say Casement, you can paint 1 coat of Casement, then a coat of Transition, then a topcoat of Casement. The perfect Transition sandwich! As well as saving you time by avoiding that 4th coat, your middle layer is also a lower priced product so it's win win.

Please bear in mind that as Transition is recycled pigments it doesn't have the same amazing adhesion properties as our Fusion Mineral Paint, so you need a base coat of Fusion Mineral Paint first. The Transition sandwich works a treat!

This product isn't an adhesion primer (for that you need our Ultra Grip) or a colour blocking primer (I always use Zinsser BIN). This product is literally a high coverage product so is a great way to get quicker coverage when painting a dark piece of furniture in a light colour.

As already mentioned it's made from recycled pigments so will be a slightly different pale colour each time, that's not an issue though when you're just going to sandwich it between 2 coats of your favourite Fusion Mineral Paint. 

Read Fusion Mineral Paint's blog post on this product for more info.