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Fusion Mineral Paint Hazelwood
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Fusion Mineral Paint Hazelwood

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Hazelwood is a deep grey, it feels both warm and grounding. Use it to create dimension as an accent or to make a dramatic statement.

Pair with:
Cashmere for a neutral look
Rose Water for a feminine flair

This rich deep warm tone really shows its colour when compared to our cool toned Soap Stone on the left and its depth when compared to Little Lamb on the Right. Hazelwood is bound to be  your go to deep neutral in your home decor for a sophisticated, yet soft rich look and feel.

Large 2 litre containers are available in Fusion's most popular colours and this is one of them! These larger containers are great for pro painters and for anyone working on larger projects such as kitchens or multiple pieces of furniture. These 2 litre containers will save you £13.97 compared to buying 4 x 500ml jars! These will take a little longer to dispatch as they need to be ordered in specially, so will take on average a week. All other products on my website are dispatched same day.