General Finishes Extender
How much extender or accelerator to add to general finishes waterbased products

General Finishes Extender

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Extender is a wetting additive used to extend the open time of any water based stain or topcoat, this is great if you would like more time to create a decorative finish or if you're working in hot or dry conditions.

  • Easy to incorporate additive designed to slow the dry time and reduce the viscosity
  • Designed for use in all General Finishes waterbased stains, sealers, finishes, paints, and glazes
  • Greatly enhances open time, reduces brush marks and overspray
  • Addition level: up to 15% as needed
  • Does not adversely affect film properties.
  • Mixes in easily without generating foam or air.

See our video - Extender and Accelerator Product Overview

If you would like the opposite effect, if you're looking for your waterbased product to dry faster, try our Accelerator. This is great if you're working in cool or damp conditions.