General Finishes Waterbased Wood Dye Colour Range
Characteristics of GF Dye Stain
General Finishes Dye Stain Yellow
General Finishes Dye Stain Amber
General Finishes Dye Stain Orange
General Finishes Dye Stain Light Brown
General Finishes Dye Stain Medium Brown
General Finishes Dye Stain Dark Brown
General Finishes Dye Stain Merlot
General Finishes Dye Stain Empire Red
General Finishes Dye Stain Cinnamon
General Finishes Dye Stain Vintage Cherry
General Finishes Dye Stain Green
General Finishes Dye Stain Blue
General Finishes Dye Stain Pewter
General Finishes Dye Stain Ebony
General Finishes Dye Stain Reducer

Dye Stain

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General Finishes Dye Stains are unique, ultra penetrating stains designed to work like solvent-based stains. The deep rich tones enhance the wood grain and produce vibrant colours especially on woods like cherry, walnut and maple. They can also be used as a toner when mixed with GF water based topcoats.

  • Ready to Use
  • Water Based
  • Fast Dry
  • Excellent Lightfastness
  • They will achieve slightly different colours on different woods, it is advised to do a test patch to check that you are happy with the colour 
  • Dye stain colours your wood, it does not offer protection to your surface, apply a GF topcoat to protect your surface
  • Dye stains penetrate deep into the cell structure of the wood. On hard to stain woods such as cherry and maple the deep penetration of dye stains bring out the natural characteristics of the wood grain.

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There are several reasons to choose Dye Stain

Use dye stain when you have beautiful wood grain, pattern or burl and you want to show it off! GF Dye Stains are like ink and penetrate deep into the wood grain, revealing the figure of the wood with beautiful transparency.

They are a great way to layer and intensify color. We often use a yellow or amber dye stain under another type of darker stain, such as Yellow Dye Stain under Java Gel Stain. The combined colors create a lovely depth and glow.

Dye stains create a brilliantly colored project while maintaining the look of the wood. They come in a range of colors from traditional wood tones to brilliant primaries and can be applied to raw wood or combined with clear coats to make a toner.


You can create almost any custom colour with this large range of shades - 

  • General Finishes Dye Stains can be mixed together to create custom colours.
  • General Finishes Dye Stain Reducer is the clear base GF add dye to when manufacturing their Dye Stains. Add 10% increments of Dye Stain Reducer to General Finishes Dye Stain to lighten the colour.


  • Dye Stain Reducer will lighten the colour and thin the viscosity of the stain.
  • Dye Stain Reducer will cause Water Based Wood Stain to penetrate deeper into the wood.
  • Do NOT Use Water to Lighten General Finishes Dye Stains. Dye Stain Reducer has ingredients that help keep colour molecules dispersed evenly in the can.

Using Dye Stain Reducer as a Pre-Stain Conditioner

Control even penetration of Dye Stain by applying a coat of Dye Stain Reducer over raw wood before using Dye Stain.

Dry Time

Dry time is 2+ hours between coats and before you apply a General Finishes water-based stain or topcoat

Ideal conditions are 20°C/70°F; 50-70% humidity. Cooler temperatures & higher humidity may prolong dry time.

Dry 24+ hours before applying oil-based products.

Warning: Do not use water-based products with Linseed Oils or Danish Oils.