ClingOn Brush Bundle

Clingon Brush Starter Kit

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This kit includes a selection of ClingOn brushes in different shapes and sizes. ClingOn brushes are a high quality professional brush and are the brushes that I personally choose to use every day. They have a protective coating on their bristles which repels paint, making them easy to clean and therefore lasting much longer.

I have put together this selection of brushes so that you have every brush you need to get started transforming furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint and Milk Paint by Fusion. This brush bundle is perfect as a gift or if you want to treat yourself to getting started on a new creative hobby. 

This kit includes - 

1 x S50 ClingOn Short Handled Brush

1 x F50 Clingon Large Flat Brush

1 x O40 Clingon Medium Oval Brush

1 x R12 ClingOn Small Round Brush 

1 x Brush Soap

1 x Discount Code for 10% off a Painting Workshop or Studio Day 

You can find more information on using Fusion Mineral Paint and Milk Paint by Fusion by reading my Furniture Painting Blog Post or attending one of my Studio Days or workshops. I've got you covered, all the information you need to have a really successful first project is right here!

The total cost for these items would be £74.95 if bought separately, however this kit has a 15% discount applied which makes it an absolute bargain! Due to this kit already having a discount applied, no additional discounts can be used (such as the 10% trade discount).

I'm so excited to help you get started on your Fusion Mineral Paint furniture upcycling journey... you're going to love it! xxx