Brushkeeper Deluxe
Brushkeeper Deluxe
Brushkeeper Deluxe

Brushkeeper Deluxe

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I'm so impressed with these Brushkeeper brushes I just had to stock them!

As well as being beautiful round synthetic brushes with lovely soft bristles, each brush comes with its own little airtight container, these are genius! This means that you can leave your brush standing in its container and the rubber seal will stop it from drying out. No more ruined brushes because you forgot them or didn't wash them out properly. 

When you're ready to wash your brush, fill the container with water, suspend your brush inside and the paint will just fall off. They literally wash themselves. 

These brushes are eco friendly in so many ways...

1) Save water as you don't have to wash your brushes every time you use them

2) Your brush will have a longer life as you won't be washing it as often

3) Save product as you're not washing paint down the sink every day

4) Save single use plastic like clingfilm from landfill as you don't need to wrap your brush when you're not using it

You can also decant your paint or topcoat into the container and use it to paint from. This is great for paint products with squeezy tops rather than lids.

Once you try these new Brushkeeper Deluxe brushes you won't look back!