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Almond Latte Milk Paint By Fusion

Almond Latte Milk Paint By Fusion

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Milk Paint is the most wonderfully creative paint, it really will make you fall in love with painting!

Almond Latte is inspired by the perfect barrista made almond latte, this warm taupe is a contemporary neutral.

Milk Paint comes as a powder, so you just need to add water, give it a little stir and then you're ready to paint! Also, it's virtually impossible to get brushstrokes as Milk Paint is so silky smooth.

You can create so many wonderful effects and styles with this paint! Including vintage chippy, boho, industrial, authentic distressed, smooth, chic and so much more!

🖤 Mix 1 part water with 1 part powder for solid coverage

🖤 Add more water to create a wash or a stain

🖤 Add less water to create texture 

🖤 Add Ultra Grip (otherwise known as bonding agent) 1 part mixed paint to 1 part ultra grip if you're painting a shiny surface and don't want any chipping

🖤 Use wax or Hemp Oil to create a resist to encourage chipping and make your paint easy to distress 

To bring out the depth of colour and seal your project Milk Paint requires a topcoat. You can use our Hemp Oil, beeswaxcoloured waxes, scented waxes, Stain and Finishing Oil or Tough Coat.

If you're looking for a very sleek solid modern finish our Fusion Mineral Paint is wonderful too!