General Finishes Accelerator
How much extender or accelerator to add to general finishes waterbased products

General Finishes Accelerator

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Accelerator is an additive that decreases dry time for our waterbased wood finishes.

  • Greatly speeds up the dry time of water base finishes. (decreases dry time 15-35%)
  • Ideal for slow drying finishes due to humid conditions or lack of air flow
  • Very easy to incorporate. May be used with all General Finishes waterbased stains, finishes, sealers, paints and glazes
  • Add up to 20% as needed

See our video - Extender and Accelerator Product Overview

If you would like the opposite effect, if you'd like more open time and your project to dry slower, try our extender. Extender is a wetting additive used to extend the open time of any waterbased stain or topcoat, this is great if you would like more time to create a decorative finish or if you're working in hot or dry conditions.