What Colour Should I Paint My Furniture?

This is the first question everyone asks!
During design consultations and when people come into the church to buy Fusion Mineral Paint we spend a lot of time discussing colour... there's such a great selection it can be hard to choose!

Let me start by saying I don't believe in any rules, in right or wrong.
Your furniture should make you happy
and that's all that counts.
After all everyone has a different style and a different taste, that's what makes the world interesting!
The bottom line is you're choosing from lots of great colours in the Fusion Mineral Paint range, so I don't think there's any need to worry about making the wrong choice. 
I had an idea though, I know these colours inside out, I use them every day, so why not make you a little video series and share with you what I know about the range.
Scroll down to watch my videos below, they walk you through the characteristics of each shade to help you choose the colour for you.
Firstly I'm going to go through colour theory and explain a few industry key words...a little jargon busting to help it all make sense! 
Then, later in this blog are 5 little videos taking you through the colours we have in each colour family...
🖤 The neutrals
🖤 The greys
🖤 The blues
🖤 The greens
🖤 The reds, yellows, pinks and purples
    Scroll to the end of the blog to watch these videos. If you still need a little help Fusion has 3 great ways to help you try out colours in your home and they can all be purchased from me online or instore...

    1) Fusion Mineral Paint Tester Pots

    2) True Colour Cards 

    3) Fan Decks

    The Colour Wheel

    Lets start with the colour wheel. Understanding the colour wheel can really help you when planning your project and also when you're mixing custom shades 

    Primary Colours- These are the 3 colours that we start with - Red, Blue & Yellow
    Secondary Colours - These are the 3 colours that are created when you mix the primary colours together- Green, Orange & Purple
    Tertiary Colours - everything else
    Complimentary colours - those that are opposite each other on the colour wheel... blue /orange, yellow/purple, red/green. Using complimentary colours on your project will make your colour scheme interesting and dynamic
    Analogous Colours - These are colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, for example red, orange and yellow. Using analogous colours will make your scheme more calming and harmonious.

    Colour Vocabulary

    Tone - the lightness or darkness of a colour 
    Undertones - the tints a colour has, e.g. if you put all the cream shades next to each other you'd see ones with pink undertones, ones with yellow etc 
    Saturation - this is the intensity of a colour, so for example pastels aren't very saturated but bright orange is fully saturated
    Monochrome - this literally translates to 'one colour', so something that is monochrome is all tones of one colour, for example black, white and grey. Monochrome can also mean all tones of other colours, say only blues or only greens
    Opaque - let's no light through, a solid colour
    Transparent - Allows light through so you can see all the details, an example is clear top coats
    Translucent - allows light through but not detailed shapes, washes of colour are translucent 
    Metameric - some colours have this magical property where they look different in different lights. There is natural daylight, artificual light and fluorescent light and some colours look completely different if you move them into a different environment.  This is why its best to colour match in the room you'll be using your fabric, furniture etc in. 

    Fusion Mineral Paint Neutrals 

    In this video I walk you through the range of neutrals in the Fusion Mineral Paint collection to help you find the perfect neutral for your project.


    Fusion Mineral Paint Greys & Black

    Greys are a huge favourite in interior design and it can be difficult to choose the perfect shade from our range... this video should help you 


    Fusion Mineral Paint Blues

    I love blue! This video talks you through the different shades to help you choose the perfect one for you 



    Fusion Mineral Paint Greens

    Greens are my favourite shades! We've got some beauties!


    Fusion Mineral Paint Reds, Yellows, Pinks & Purples

    This video shows you the beautiful warm shades in the Fusion range...all those yellows, pinks, purples and reds


    I really hope you've found this helpful! Please do leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this blog and if there's anything else you'd like me to write a blog on xxx

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