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How To Prepare Your Furniture For a Smooth & Durable Paint Finish in 4 Simple Steps

I get asked so many questions about furniture preparation, there seems to be this crazy myth that it's difficult and complicated and I wanted to correct that.

You can do this easily... I promise!

I get so much joy from painting furniture and I want everyone to have that feeling.  My teaching method is about building confidence and empowering my customers.  With this in mind, I decided to create a flow chart walking you through the four steps of preparation and helping you assess your furniture at each stage. This way you'll feel amazing when you know exactly what prep you need to do for each individual piece and you'll understand exactly why.

As I started creating this flow chart I realised how much information I wanted to share... it turned into a 16 page reference guide to help you with all your furniture prep questions.

You're going to love it!

 16 page furniture preparation free download

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I've designed this guide to be your easy quick reference when you’re prepping a piece of furniture.

You can save the pdf to your phone and work through the flowchart each time you start a new piece.
You can also skip straight to a specific page if you want more information on a particular step or topic.
Live furniture preparation tutorial

In April's live tutorial we talked through the full guide,  plus I walked you through using it to assess your furniture on a few examples in the studio.

Pop over to our Fusionistas Nottingham UK fb group and watch on replay if you fancy

So why is furniture prep so important? We prep our furniture for two reasons...
1) We want a beautiful smooth paint finish
2)  We want great adhesion so that our beautiful smooth paint finish lasts


What's in the free guide?

Is Your Surface Sound?

Step One - Clean

Step Two - Is There Wax?

Step Three - Fill & Repair 

Step Four - Do You Need to Prime?

What Are The Different Types of Primer?


Colour Blocking

The Products I Use 

 Free Furniture Prep Guide Contents Page

I hope this helps!

I'd love to hear from you...any feedback, thoughts, experiences using the guide on your furniture. 

I'm planning more guides, I'll let you know as soon as they're ready! xxx

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